Computer Recycling

Recycle your Computer Equipment with Dell Reconnect

Through a partnership with Dell, Goodwill offers our community the opportunity to responsibly recycle unwanted computers and equipment of any brand and condition. For more information please visit:

This exciting program makes getting rid of old technology easy and FREE. Simply pack your old computer equipment into the car with other household donations and drop it off at any of our locations.

The goal of the program is to keep used computers and computer equipment from landfills and to educate residents on the importance of proper computer recycling.  Dell Reconnect accepts any brand of computer equipment, in any condition, at over 2,000 Goodwill locations throughout the United States. 

How to Recycle an Unwanted Computer

Items that can be recycled through the Dell Reconnect program include:

  • computers
  • printers
  • scanners
  • monitors
  • USB drives
  • cords
  • mice / keyboards
  • other related hardware

For a list of what can be recycled please visit

Some items may require extra preparation before you bring them in so remember to remove your personal data from hard drives or other storage media before donating to Goodwill.  For more information on how to recycle your computer visit

Customers will be able to deduct the value of the computer for tax purposes. Save time and fill out your receipt ahead of time. Take it, along with your donations, to the nearest Goodwill Donation Center and ask for the Goodwill attendant’s signature. Click here to download a Donation Receipt.

What Happens to Donated Computer Equipment

Goodwill will accept and sort the donated computer equipment. The equipment will be responsibly recycled through Dell’s product recycling programs.

Dell Reconnect is managed to both Goodwill and Dell's high standards for workplace and environmental safety. A third party audits all collection and recycling practices to ensure these standards are met. Standards include an absolute prohibition on the export of waste and environmentally sensitive material to landfills.

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