We Cannot Accept

It's hard to say "No Thank You" to a donation when our operating funds are realized through the sale of donated materials.  Items can be refused for some very good reasons:  Some items are not recyclable or contain hazardous waste.  Some do not meet standards issued by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.  Others cost more to transport, repair or refurbish than they can be sold for in our stores.  Our donation center attendants may decline a donation if, in their judgment, it is not in clean, or in saleable condition.

We cannot accept the following items:

  • Furniture in need of repair – soiled, torn, missing pieces, etc.
  • Bed frames, mattresses or box springs
  • Used blinds
  • Large stereos or console televisions
  • Televisions
  • Pianos and organs
  • Pool tables
  • Large appliances – refrigerators/freezers, stoves/ovens, washers/dryers, trash compactors, dehumidifiers, etc.
  • Bathroom/kitchen fixtures – sinks, bathtubs, toilets, shower doors, etc.
  • Playground equipment, swing sets
  • Electric or kerosene heaters
  • Hot water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Wood stoves
  • Air conditioning units
  • Used carpeting and padding
  • Waterbed mattresses or frames
  • Hospital beds
  • Windows, screens, shutters, doors
  • Used motorcycle or bicycle helmets
  • Vehicles parts (i.e. cars, trucks, boats, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Hazardous waste – lead acid batteries, additives, gasoline, oil antifreeze, etc.
  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Scrap lumber, concrete, bricks, stones
  • Paint, paint thinner, insecticides, pesticides
  • Household chemicals - drain or oven cleaner, cleaning supplies
  • Aerosols and other environmentally unfriendly waste products
  • Food items
  • Gas grills, charcoal grills or propane tanks 
  • Weapons – guns and ammunition
  • Items that don’t meet the current safety standards of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, including recalled items – cribs, car seats, walkers or playpens

When you are going through your donations, please keep in mind that we can't accept anything broken or in poor condition.  Goodwill does not have a repair facility so please recycle anything that you know we can't sell.  When planning to donate, stop to think – if you would give that item to a family member or friend.

Exceptions! Of course, there are exceptions to these guidelines.  Brand new

items still in packaging will most likely be accepted.  All final decisions are at the discretion of Goodwill.  If you have any questions about items on this list, please call us at (260) 478-7617 or email us at Goodwill@fwgoodwill.org.