Employer Testimonials


“He has made himself part of the staff and works beautifully with others”
- Educational Employer


“We have five employees and they have all worked out great. Goodwill is really good about training and this has been a great experience for me and my company. I’ve worked with other social services and some of them could take lessons from Goodwill” 
- Maintenance Employer


“Our associate is working out great. He has a nice personality and Goodwill has done a good job of working with us. The Job Support Specialist really helped him get started and he fits right in”
- Industrial Employer


"Our partnership with the retail training program has benefited us in
several ways.

  • Potential employees with a free look program
  • Help with the store’s day to day needs
  • Increased public awareness
  • Improved employee morale and understanding
    of their own jobs"


“I was satisfied with the job specialist who worked with one of our associates. He seemed to know manufacturing very well which helped the specialist in working with our associate” – Manufacturer 


“Everyone has been great”


“Thank you for referring your client he is awesome”


“Your client is doing a good job for us”


“Your Job Support Specialist is great to work with”