Court Ordered Community Service

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana welcomes volunteers who are required by a court to do community service. Goodwill reserves the right to deny ANY individual in need of court ordered community service hours the ability to volunteer with the organization based on the nature, type and/or specifics of their offense.


Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana will not accept a volunteer for community service credit who is being charged, pleading guilty to or having been found guilty of certain serious offenses including but not limited to:

Unacceptable Offenses:

Armed Robbery


Aggravated Assault




Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault


Acceptable Offenses:

Contempt of Court


Child Support

Minor Traffic Violations

License, Tag, and Registration Violations

Minor Drug and Alcohol Violations



Drug Possession

Drug Sale Offenses

Probation Violation

Disorderly Conduct




To Apply for Community Service click on the Link below.

NOTE: It can take up to 3-4 business days for the approval process to be completed once all documentation has been received.


After review and receiving approval, we will reach out to you at the provided phone number # for scheduling.



Community Service Guidelines

Record Your Hours: You are responsible for tracking your hours. If the organization you are doing community service for does not provide you with a sheet to record your hours, you will be required to use a Goodwill tracking sheet to record the date, the time you arrive, the time you leave, and a staff signature.

Work Ethic: We expect that all of our volunteers show up to work on time, respect staff members, and do the work that is needed to be done. If you are found to be unproductive with your assigned tasks, you will not earn any volunteer hours for that day and will be asked to leave. If you have completed a task and need something to do, you are required to seek out Goodwill staff to be assigned your next task. The use of cell phones or other electronic devices is not permitted while you are completing hours.

Dress Code: Please wear closed-toe shoes, long pants or knee length jean/Khaki shorts, and a shirt with sleeves (sleeveless shirts are not permitted). Please do not wear any loose hanging jewelry. Any clothing with disturbing messages or is provocative in nature, which could be viewed by others as offensive or suggestive, is prohibited.

Breaks: A 30-minute lunch break will be given if you are working 6 or more hours.

Code of Conduct: We do not permit the use of foul language, drugs or alcohol, or any kind of physical or verbal abuse. If you are caught doing any of the above you will be asked to leave and will not have the opportunity to finish your hours with us.

Goodwill of Northeast Indiana reserves the right to terminate the agreement for community service if the participant is unproductive, fails to adhere to the guidelines, is disruptive or in any way negatively impacts the accomplishments of the organization’s mission.